A tale of many tales, the Saga of Draxfort is a satire of our age of invention, debt, banking crisis, pollution, fast-food, fine art and extinction rebellion, indeed everything but the kitchen sink, yet to be invented.

Set in Draxenland, lampooning famous fairytales, with plots and stunts designed for a streaming miniseries, Draxfort is a castle and dynasty rotten to the core.

We follow Rebicus Hargmond from childhood to his insecure teenage crush on Kaitlyn De Belvort as he narrates the seiges, duals and court intrigues in a fight for the crown.

The Hanseatic League rules the Baltic, Milan is on the rise and the silk road brings spices and slaves to Florence, where witch-hunting is rife.

Falsely claiming credit for an invention, courtiers compete for the hand of Princess Sharon, heir to the throne, who turns to Reb, Kaitlyn and blacksmith Jack Rojax, along with the Wixy Witches who are nothing like as magical as they appear.

Following the House of Medici, Claybars Bank mints the draxlar resulting in Draxfort’s fashionable, debt-ridden court vying for status and investing in prestige, including paintings.

The art market booms with copies, many now famous, based on works by Angelo d’Antangelo, court painter, creator of Blockism and obscure godfather of the Italian Renaissance. Click on the Draxfort Gallery below to view d’Antangelo originals.

Corruption and neglect have weakened the castle’s defences and an external threat increases internal strife when the king’s half-brother comes knocking for the crown.

Where is Draxenland? Legend says it’s on the Dogger Bank, now submerged below the world’s largest wind farm. High up on Boulby Cliff on England’s east coast, with the turbines churning the electrons at just the right speed, you might glimpse ‘The Draxfort Ghost’, a mirage of Castle Draxfort shimmering in the Northern Lights. Send me a shot please, I’ve not seen it.

With invention central to the plot, see my Amazon author’s page for my background designing Disney, Warners, Universal, Mattel and Hasbro products. Inspired by current events, I’ve just started on the prequel, beginning in rat-infested Hamelin.

I’m also uploading Minecraft Draxenland Youtubes I built to envisage the saga. Minecraft Castle Draxfort - subscribe - COD

Click around the map below to preview Draxenland locations.